Taller father

FATHER- a weighty word

That springs from laughing lips

And trickles down to open ears

Just as if it was meant to

Bring pictures to mind

Of happy weekends on sailboats and fuzzy AM raidos

And just a few mosquito bites and forever salt

Or maybe an unexplored inviting jungle and

Old trampolines that probably were not made to

Hold that much weight

No, they were not that’s plain to see

Or cars packed so full

As if a traveling circus needed

To hitchhike just a ways


Or an image of an embrace

That only large forest animals

Would find appealing but is

Somehow securing and dispelling

Or conversations that stretch and stretch

Like a rubber band weapon but do not break or snap

But launch laughter, legends, and illuminate

Paths to explore another day very soon

This one word FATHER may bounce from a canyon wall and echo

As if empty

But when uttered upwards invokes

An image of a FATHER that transforms, molds, and perfects

All human understandings

Correcting and redefining so as to discover the ultimate image-

A FATHER so vast and uncontained

He makes the heavens his dwelling place.

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One Response to Taller father

  1. Sara says:

    is this your writing? It made me cry right here in the middle of the Grove City College lobby of the building Mike is in. I miss you!

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