Closing the gap

Thank you everyone for the constant stream of emails and updates from the other side of the Atlantic. It is so important for me to feel connected to you all, and these emails close the distance between us.

This is me enjoying my email in the Dining Hall.

Everyone laughs at me for interacting with my computer like I do.

I cannot help but laugh or get excited when I hear from home.

Also thank you all for the birthday wishes! I am now 22 and I had a great weekend. On Friday, I talked to my mom back home and had chapatis for dinner. On Saturday I went into Kampala with some friends. Sunday was a great simple day of baking cakes and spending time with God in reflection. I had some friends over to eat homemade chocolate cake and pineapple. It was a really good day. Thank you for all the love you have sent to me and thank you for your patience in my responses and updates.

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One Response to Closing the gap

  1. ungria says:

    I smile every time I see your posts! Thank you for keeping us updated and doing it on a regular basis, and thank you for doing such a good job describing what sounds like all tasty food. I was excited to know that something there reminded you of arepas it was like reading it reminded you of me, even if it didn’t, hehe. I’m glad you had a good birthday! I love you so much!

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