Uhuru and others

Food for thought:

I saw this sign in Kampala the other day-

47 years of UHURU (freedom)

23 years of stability (Museveni’s reign)

Long live Uganda

Long live NRM


Also, we have been reading Primal Vision, by John V Taylor. He was a bishop in England and lived and taught in Uganda at the school I attend right now. It was just a seminary in those days. He had some incredible insight on the Christian presence amidst African culture.

Here is a quote from his book-

“Ruthlessness has had a long run in Africa, and so long as the missionary encounter is conceived of as a duologue one will have to ‘cede to the other’. But may it not be truer to see it as a meeting of three, in which Christ has drawn together the witness who proclaims him and the other who does not know his name, so that in their slow discovery of one another each may discover more of him?”


Stereotypes I have come across


  • Walk slow
  • Love matoke
  • Drink tea
  • Are excellent housekeepers
  • Take cold baths
  • Love soaps
  • Eat late, around 9 pm
  • Bow to elders
  • Are Christians
  • Arrive up to 2 hours late to most functions
  • Bathe too much, twice a day
  • Are very abrupt and direct when talking
  • Are too modest
  • Stop life when it rains
  • Love football
  • Drive crazy
  • Travel with boda bodas and taxis
  • Love Obama


  • Walk too fast
  • Don’t eat enough
  • Are rich
  • Cannot do basic housekeeping chores
  • Are loose and risky in dress
  • Are always on time
  • Eat early, 5 pm.
  • Are rude to elders
  • Don’t bathe enough
  • Go out in the rain
  • Don’t love the real football
  • Are Christians

These things are interesting to consider. Some are just plain silly, but others could have serious implications for cross-cultural interactions.   I interact with things like this on a daily basis and typically circle in my brain for a while, here’s a peak.



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