Hello. Sorry friends for my virtual absence these past weeks. I have been very busy writing papers, preparing for and taking exams. As they say here, I was so lost.

I would just to inform everyone that this is my last week of classes as an undergrad- EVER!

Thursday we have some final lectures to attend on calling and simple living (very exciting). Friday is a Farewell dinner with our families, professors, and other staff members. I will be with my family for the last time on Saturday, then Sunday I leave Mukono. I am pretty sad about all of this.

Pray that I might be able to spend meaningful time with people in these last few days.

On Sunday, we head to Entebbe where we will be staying for De-brief. On Wednesday, they drop us at the airport around 9pm, and sometime around midnight or 1am we board planes to come back west. It all seems so fast and sudden but I am hoping to be somewhat prepared for the transitions to come. I am definitely asking for grace in these moments as it will be a interesting process no doubt.

On a happier note, I just got my hair braided (or plaited, and the style here is called pencil). Check it out (I got it last Wednesday):

Don’t worry, I really am happy, even if this picture looks otherwise. Having my hair like this definitely makes things easier, but I can’t promise it’ll last till I get home….Just being honest. Everyone says I look so smart (which means attractive or pretty) but I still think it looks a lot better on Ugandan women.

More to come soon. Hoping to go to the Tuesday market pretty soon- it’s my last chance!


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