bread machine

I house-sit for a wonderful couple. They have a bread machine and they kindly introduced me to it.

After my last stint at their place, they came across a gently used machine and gave it to me. I was also given a bread machine recipe book- so many varieties of recipes inside of its worn pages.

This is the one they gave me!

I have been making bread since I got it- constantly a process of learning what ingredients work best to produce a delicious result. I have invested in a bulk bag of yeast, stocked up on all sorts of flours, wheat germ, and gluten. I have made breads with whole wheat flour, pumpkin puree, yellow mustard, ground corn flour, green onions, and oat bran (but not all in one loaf).IMG_6802[1]

I have seen breads rise a little, not rise, fall after rising, and rise so much it seemed like the loaf was trying to break through the top of the machine.

I greatly treasure my new appliance and the bread that it creates makes life sweet.

In the next few weeks, I will share some of the better results of these bread-making ventures. If you don’t own a machine, perhaps you too can find one second-hand. It is definitely worth it.


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