yerba maté latte….

I am so excited to share this hot and tasty drink with you! For so many reasons, I have always had a passion for cozy, warm, drinks. If milk can be added to make it creamy, the more foam the better!

Back in college, I was first introduced to yerba mate with friends. I really liked it for the entirely social aspect of consuming it. Regardless of the actual consumption of the drink, our experiences always involved laughing, music, and enjoyment (and etc…). Through the years, yerba mate has continued to pop up from time to time as a culinary delight worth returning to.

Seeking an alternative to coffee for a morning drink, I started scouting out drink recipes. I stumbled upon this, made sure I had the right ingredients, and not too much later….. I had a formula for a beautiful, steaming hot, milky tea drink that tastes great!

Yerba mate latte  (super fun to say!) ingredients:

1 tsp to 1 tbsp yerba mate (it depends on how big you want to go, I find adding a little extra is better so it’s not diluted)

1/2 c. milk or so

1 tsp to 1 tbsp honey or sweetener (this depends on you, stevia or others would totally work fine, I find that 1 tsp agave is plenty because agave is a bit sweeter than honey)

1 bag of peppermint tea, or 3-6 mint leaves diced up

Take your mate and add to a mesh strainer, rinse off quickly under cool water. This removes some of the grit and bite of the plant. Add your tea bag and mate to a personal tea/coffee french press (If you have one, it makes it all easy-peasy). Or you could put the mate in a tea ball or something similar*.  Pour the just-boiling water over it and let steep to desired strength 3-5 minutes or so. Check the color.

*I don’t like adding it to the mug to steep because pouring it through a strainer (if that’s all you have) is messier that way. Instead if you have a measuring cup or something similar with a spout, let it steep in there. 

As it steeps, you can go ahead and heat your milk. Add milk to a glass measuring cup and microwave for about a minute and 30 seconds. If you have a electric frother, this will really help you achieve your “latte” experience. I got one in a hot cocoa kit seriously marked down after Christmas , so if you can find one for cheap, do it!

Take your frother, whisk, or container with a lid (be so careful, if you decide to shake it- because the heat does try to escape) and add your sweetener, then foam the milk. With my frother, I make something like 4-5 inches of foam.

Then strain your tea, or if you used a press or similar device, follow through on whatever is necessary to strain it. You can leave the mint leaves in for further flavor if you decide to use them. Now, with your tea in a big mug, pour your milk over top and spoon out any foam.  Drink! Enjoy! Savor!

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