serving refugees….

I hope that my recent invitation on GoFundMe has drawn you to this page. Thanks for watching my video, I really do need your support and the assurance that there are people cheering me on in all of this. I am so excited to go to this part of the world, to interact with the people living there, and hopefully to build bridges between the world we live in and theirs. In case you just found this and want to be part of my support crew check out: and share with those who might want to be a part of this.

Refugees (© 2013 Meg Sattler/World Vision)

Things to be praying for:

-Ongoing: Syria and its people, especially its children and the vulnerable.  The refugees in the camps in Jordan but also in other surrounding countries- Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, etc.

-Final preparations for me, including getting vaccines, work sorted out, and any bills taken care of while I’m gone

-My family- pray for my mother and the different family members concerned about me going to this part of the world

-The stability of Jordan and infrastructures in place

-The team (We are a diverse group of individuals from all over, and many of us have never met, so be praying that we can be cohesive, and serve well together)

-For those hosting our team as they prepare for our arrival- local pastors and other hospitable folks

Syrian girl. (©2012 Marwan Tahtah/World Vision)

If you fill out the short form on this page, I will know that you have opted in to receive my email updates. I will try to post updates regularly on wordpress, but in the event I am unable to or the content is of a private nature, I will use email to send the update instead. Thank you for supplying me with you current email address!

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