pre-departure update

I leave for Jordan in just a few days, so I wanted to post an update as to how things are going and what is coming next. Because of some incredible supporters on my GoFundMe page, I have all but raised the cost of the trip (75 short)! That is so incredible. I truly did not expect the response I received there, which is a telling statement. First, it reveals that I have an incredible base of supporters that I was not really aware of and secondly, it shows that perhaps my faith in the body of Christ, and God himself to provide needed some strengthening. Let me just say that I have been so encouraged, fortified, and relieved by these things! If you were one of those that gave, told others to give, told me you were praying for me or prayed over me- thank you so much!

Another thing that I’ve noticed is a building excitement and expectancy from many (and obviously from myself). So many people have never been to this part of the world, or they have questions, fears, concerns, or other emotions about this area. Many have expressed a desire to see pictures, stories and other things from my trip. I realize that the job I gave myself to be “the eyes and ears, hands and feet” of my supporters is a pretty substantial one. I am so excited to be a vessel of bringing this part of the world to areas unfamiliar to it, including my own  home.

As excited as I am for this trip, I am really being put out of my comfort zone. Since traveling to Uganda, I haven’t taken many trips outside of this island chain. My trip to Nicaragua was wonderful, but because I was with people that really took care of me, I didn’t really need to be on top of my travel and street smarts game. This trip is slightly different. Although I have communicated via email with most of the people going, I will see them for the first time, in Amman when we have all arrived. We are from different parts of the country, different backgrounds, beliefs, and I’m sure we all bring different ideas and expectations to the table.

I could easily spend time worrying about how things are going to work out, the “what if’s” and the rest of it; however, I am making a decision now to really focus in on the heart of this trip: service and love. Thank you for your prayers for me, I hope they continue, but please remember those we are going to interact with and and pray for them, their families, their futures  and that they would come to know the source of hope that many of us have met. Pray for traveling safety, health of our team, for the leaders, and for those already on the ground working hard. Thank you all.

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