Since ’88:

  • Amanda Kaye
  • Born on the most southwest key of Florida.
  • Raised on a houseboat near the middle one.
  • Lived most of my life on the island of small deer and pine trees.
  • A lover of the world: its people, animals, cultures, art forms, cuisines, music, and landscapes

Since ’07:

  • Attending Palm Beach Atlantic, near the beautiful water
  • Pursuing a higher education degree in something meaningful
  • A collector of beautiful, colorful friends from all over
  • Devoted to loving God with my mind


  • Member of a wonderful broken family
  • One of three daughters, the middle child
  • Owner of various experiences and memories that shape me deeply
  • Keeper of wonderful broken dreams that God is constantly reforming and making his own

One day I will be:

  • More broken, humbled, and closer to knowing God
  • Closer to knowing the true meaning of love and give it to all
  • A vessel of goodness and mercy
  • More like Christ, and less like my old self

All of these things, only through:

  • The power of Christ
  • The indwelling of the Spirit
  • The Father’s love on me, a sinner


1 Response to About

  1. Sara King says:

    I am signing up to get all of your updates. You have become one impressive writer too by the way 😉 I would read this even if my best friend wasn’t writing it!

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